Orbital Defender

Orbital Defender is an arcade-style, flick-based shoot-'em-up for Android, iPhone/ iPad and NOOK.


Game Description

Our Solar System is in danger. Your task is to protect it at any cost.

Try it and you will find it highly addictive...


What makes Orbital Defender special is its unique tap-flick-drag-based control system. You can use various weapons by slightly different gestures (Tap, Long touch, Flick, Drag from the planet's surface). The result is a highly playable and fun shoot 'em up. You can purchase Orbital Defender on the Android Market, App Store, NOOK Apps and Amazon Store.



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Simple, intuitive and addictive gameplay that anyone from beginners to shmup pros will find fun and engaging. The tap-flick-drag-based control mechanic ensures the game is easy to play.

There are 5 levels available in Lite version and 20 levels, new planets, new enemies, cool weapons, and OpenFeint integration in Full version. Game has been tested on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad,and Android devices.



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